Climate Change and the American River Basin – a conversation with PCWA

Dear Friends of AEL, There is an interesting meeting coming up this week. Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) will hold two presentations of interest to our AEL community on Thursday, October 15th beginning at 2:00 pm.  The first is the PCWA agreement for implementing agreement of the Western Placer County Habitat Conservation Plan and Natural […]

Public Odor Workshop – Homes in the Landfill Odor Zone

Friends of AEL: This is an Invitation to attend the Placer County Waste Management Authority’s (WPWMA) 10th Annual Odor Workshop on Tuesday, October 20th at 6 pm via Zoom. (Instructions below). Background: Our landfill, governed by the Western Placer Waste Management Authority (WPWMA), receives waste from across the County; sorts it, recycles and repurposes what […]