Heritage Oak Mitigation Fees Need your Voice

Written by Amber Beckler. Cover image: Oak Graveyard Piles. Image captured showing the large piles of oaks that were cleared in the heavily wooded eastern portion of the project site. On Monday, July 26th at 9 a.m. in the Board of Supervisor Chambers 175 Fulweiler Avenue, Auburn, an appeal of the Placer County Planning Commission […]

30×30 Survey

Have you heard that President Biden has ordered 30% conservation of our lands and waters by 2030? And that, in response, Governor Newsom has pledged to conserve 30% of California by 2030? The goal is based on scientific consensus that 30% of the land must be conserved to prevent catastrophic biodiversity loss and mitigate climate […]

Sustainability and Resiliency, different yet connected

As I read the article, “As floods, fires and temperatures worsen, these architects design homes to withstand climate change” by David Walter this morning in the Washington Post, it gave me a new point of view for looking at our communities and problem solving environmental impacts and livability over the next hundred years. Walker interviews […]

Grassvalley Mine Threatens Watershed

A junior mining company from Canada has arrived in Grassvalley with an eye to reopen the Idaho-Maryland Mine- and so far Rise Gold Corp. has not made a good impression. They have a horrible environmental track record at their other mines and have already started breaking the rules in Grassvalley. Despite all this, in May, […]

Repurposing Retail Space

“Before the Great Recession we had too many retail spaces. Now we have way too many retail spaces.” – Randy White, CEO of White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group It’s hard not to notice retail space vacancies around Placer County rising this year. It reminds me of the empty quiet in our streets during the […]

Intro to Enviro Events!

Hello environmentalists! We are so happy to introduce the Enviro Events Calander. Here is the video tour! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivFGnJa7zm4&feature=youtu.be

Housing Progress Report 2019

Looks like no new units for very low/extremely low and low-income people have been built in Placer in 2019. This includes gardeners, retail employees, house cleaners, farmers, educators, and those serving in the leisure and hospitality industry, among others. Unfortunately, this is the same pattern as last year.