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AEL Update – Fall 2021

Hello friends!

An update is overdue. We are thinking big at AEL and are excited to share what we’re working on.

The Urban Planning Squad

We host a bi-monthly meet-up for professionals whose passions intersect with smart growth and green building. Whether you are an architect, planner, landscape architect, environmental consultant, builder/vendor, agency employee, or engineer- come share stories and beers with your peers who do the work to effectively permit and shape our built and unbuilt environment. We focus on Placer and Nevada Counties, out of town drop-ins and tag-a-longs are welcome. With a very simple and unstructured format, it’s a great place to catching up with people you know and make new contacts.

Date: First and Third Thursdays @ 6 pm

Venue: Varies- text 916-316-8061


City of Auburn Masterplan

There are multiple visionary plans for the future of Auburn and it’s time to pull them together. Let’s leverage the city master plan and zoning code to facilitate their fruition. Whether a vision is small, like the repurposing of a single lot, or a big like the city-wide economic endurance plan, it’s time for an urban planner’s perspective to pull together the plans and embed the vision in the built environment. 

Our Urban Planning Squad is exploring the feasibility of this endeavor and how we may create an inclusive design process. Does your group have a vision to share? Do you have some input? We’d love to hear from you at this early stage.


Web of Inclusion Group

Our goal is to foster an inclusive community across the environmental nonprofit sector. We seek to facilitate cross-pollination of organizations and projects, germinate new leaders, and include new people in the environmental community.

To do this, we are examing the shared interests of the 626 NGOs registered in Placer County. This group needs both analytical and social volunteers, to prep and manipulate a large amount of data and to contact other groups and design events. If you are interested in the science behind this approach check out this study. If you are interested in joining us, text Genevieve at 916-316-8061.

Date: Every Wednesday @ 5:30 pm

Venue: Varies- text 916-316-8061


Enviro Events Calander

We are revamping the community events calendar and Enviro Events Blast for the fall. Thank you, Karen, for volunteering to be the new calendar caretaker. There are so many awesome events out there! Take a look

Anyone can post events, learn how here


Action Alerts

Does your organization need pressing help on an issue? Send us an action alert! If it meets our community guidelines we are happy to send it out. Submit alerts to: [email protected]

Happy Fall,

Genevieve Marsh


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