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Housing Vision for the 21st Century

Dear Friends and Aligned Organizations:

The Alliance for Environmental Leadership produced the Citizen Initiated Smart Growth Phase 2 to address the housing affordability crisis and move Placer County toward carbon neutrality. Now is the time to work toward our community’s carbon resiliency, especially in planning for housing that will be constructed in the future decade now being considered under the County’s Housing Element Update. (2021-2029)

As Placer  County embarks on this update to our Housing Element, we must speak out. Call for change! We have tools and the ability to measure and minimize humanity’s environmental impacts. The Citizen Initiated Smart Growth Plan Phase 2 provides a case study and road map for 21st century development. It is a asset to the County as we consider the Housing Element Update because it is a fresh vision. We invite Placer County’s political leadership to study the CISGP Phase 2 which sets in place progressive policy and plans that guard against environmental destruction, social dislocation and economic discrimination – while serving all our neighbors – rich and poor.

Housing developments have historically been allowed to socially and economically discriminate against 87% of our community.  The average single family housing is priced far above incomes – even for Placer County’s affluent families. We must look at our community’s basic housing needs, our citizens’ pocketbooks and buying trends; and the necessity to design for climate resilience and independence from the automobile.

Phase 2 of the CISGP is the fresh vision we need as we consider our Housing Element Update components. Over 30,000 acres of Placer County and incorporated city lands are already zoned for more new single family sprawl. This is the planning of yesteryear. It is suffocating us in smog and traffic congestion – and failing to provide basic shelter to 87% of our citizens,

Supported with statistical and economic data – the CISGP Phase 2 is a vision for  a new housing within mixed use, vibrant walkable-lifestyle and climate resilient communities.   See and read it below. If it resonates with you, bring CISGP Phase 2 concepts forward on Tuesday at 1:00, at the Board of Supervisor’s Housing Element Update Workshop.

Plan Citizen-Initiated Smart Growth Plan Phase 1 URL:

Citizen-Initiated Smart Growth Plan Phase 2 URL: :

On Tuesday, December 15th at 1:00 pm, the Board of Supervisors will hold a workshop on the Housing Element Update and receive public comments on the Draft 2021-2029 Housing Element (see Item No. 11 on page 5 of the Agenda). For meeting participation options and how you can submit comments on this Item, click here.”Placer

Every voice counts so share your opinions.  Thanks so much.

Together we’re a stronger voice.


Leslie Warren, Chair

Alliance for Environmental Leadership


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