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Science-based planning for Parks and Open Space CONSERVATION

Dear Friends:
Thank you Ben Nichols for the burrowing owl photo. What ecological services do burrowing owls require to survive in our urbanizing County? We can meet their survival needs with science-based planning.  This planing should be part of the new Parks and Open Space Department, but isn’t.
On April 27, 2021, the Board is scheduled to hear the second reading of the Parks and Open Space Department ordinance . Please join AEL in asking the Board of Supervisors to postpone the second reading on the new ordinance because it fails to provide for science-based conservation planning.
The County is set to establish a new agency within the Community Development Resources Agency. We want this new agency use appropriate scientific methods to protect park and open space resources for the long-term.   What is the vision for our parks and open spaces today and for the next 50 years? What kind of science-based planning is needed to protect biodiversity and interconnectivity among parks and open spaces?  Our existing parks and open spaces risk becoming biological/ecological deserts if wildlifes’ ability to move through and among them is not protected

We suggest a County-wide forum to consider:

  • Where are the County’s critical wildlife corridors? Will the new County department have authority among County agencies to protecting wildlife corridors, riparian corridors, ridgelines and other natural wildlife passages?  We know that animals travel to survive, that light pollution adversely affects pollinators and migratory fowl and that 80% of pollinators require a specific native plant to sustain populations.  How will the new department manage for wildlife preservation?
  • Will the new County department have expertise to model ecological effects of development activity on parks and open spaces and monitor biodiversity?
  • Will the new department work among other County development departments, transportation agencies and SACOG to protect parks and open space function and wildlife interconnectivity?
  • Will the new department montor mitigation programs of project development EIR’s?
  • Is there a County-wide plan to right wrongs that have hindered biological function in our existing parks and open spaces?
  • How will the County ensure equity of access to parks and open spaces?  What steps are necessary to respect and involve all members of our community in park planning and access?
Please tell the Board of Supervisors that the proposed ordinance is woefully narrow in scope and is a missed opportunity to address equity issues and to bring science-based, resource management planning to protect biological-function to park and open space management.
Here are the addresses for the 5 Placer County Supervisors

Cindy Gustafson <[email protected]>

Robert Weygandt <[email protected]>

Bonnie Gore <[email protected]>

Jim Holmes <[email protected]> or Jim Holmes <[email protected]>

Suzanne Jones <[email protected]>

Together we’re a stronger voice.
Leslie Warren, Chair
Alliance for Environmental Leadership

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