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The PCCP and Citizen Monitoring

Dear AEL Friends and Aligned Organizations,
From your colleagues here at AEL, Happy New Year!  May 2021 bring you and yours, good health, a world of happiness and renewed hope.  And…if getting involved in your local government is one of your New Year’s resolutions, here’s a great opportunity for you:
The Placer Conservation Authority, which is responsible for overseeing implementation of the Placer County Conservation Plan (PCCP), is inviting interested citizens, conservation advocates, farmers and business people to apply for one of 12 positions on the PCCP Advisory Committee. The PCCP Advisory Committee will  ensure that the PCCP is implemented effectively and fairly.  What a great opportunity to serve and guide your community’s conservation planning.  See details below!
Together we’re a stronger voice.
With all best wishes,
Leslie Warren, Chair


AUBURN, Calif. – The Placer Conservation Authority, which is responsible for overseeing implementation of the Placer County Conservation Program, is inviting interested stakeholders to apply for one of 12 positions on the PCCP Advisory Committee.

The advisory committee, which will be appointed by the PCA Board of Directors, plays an important role in ensuring that the PCCP is implemented effectively and will include the following participants:

  • Three private developers or representatives participating in or with a pending application for coverage with the PCCP, or their representatives (e.g. North State Building Industry Association, environmental consultants, attorneys)
  • Three conservation advocates from established non-profit environmental membership organizations that represent the PCCP Plan Area
  • Three non-project proponents representing agriculture, business or a conservation land trust
  • Three members of the public representing suburban and rural residents of the Plan Area from the Auburn foothills, Granite Bay and Lincoln


Applications will be available on the PCCP website at until the 12 advisory committee positions are filled. Applications can be mailed or sent electronically to:

Rebecca Lillis, Senior Conservation Planner
Placer Conservation Authority
3091 County Center Drive
Auburn CA 95603

Advisory committee members will not receive compensation for their services and will serve at the pleasure of the PCA Board. The committee is expected to meet four times per year.

The Placer County Conservation Program will protect, enhance and restore certain special-status species and natural communities in western Placer County while streamlining state and federal permitting for covered development activities.

Placer County, the City of Lincoln, the Placer County Water Agency and the South Placer Regional Transportation Authority developed the program in cooperation with state and federal regulatory agencies. Two of those local agencies, Placer County and the City of Lincoln, make up the Placer Conservation Authority, the joint exercise of powers authority that oversees program implementation.

For more information on the PCCP, visit

Leslie Warren Chairs the Alliance for Environmental Leadership. She is an environmental professional, a 35-year Placer County resident, founding director of Placer Land Trust and Placer Nature Center, a former Placer County Planning Commissioner and conservationist.

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