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Butts in seats needed! Major meeting for greenlighting Salmon Ladder Proposal

Important Nevada Irrigation District Meeting: Please Attend
NID Board Meeting 9am Wednesday, 12-13-23
1036 West Main Street, Grass Valley, Ca

Meeting Topic:
Gold Hill Dam Fish Passage

Hello All,

This is the most important meeting ever for getting salmon and steelhead to Auburn, the mission of SARSAS. And I plead with you to attend the meeting and sign in as a SARSAS supporter. You need not speak because Larry Gonzi will handle the data. Bring as many people as possible to fill the meeting hall.

SARSAS has been working since 2008 to get fishes to Auburn, and the purpose of this meeting is to collaborate with NID to get fish over the Gold Hill Dam, which will open about 10 miles of new prime spawning gravels in the Auburn Ravine (AR), and four plus miles of additional spawning gravels in North Ravine, main tributary of Auburn Ravine.

SARSAS has the grant and the company to build the fish ladder.

Once again, when we have fish passage on Gold Hill Dam (AR-1 in NID speak), the fishes can reach the two parks in Auburn, Auburn School Park Preserve, behind City Hall near Placer High School, and Ashford Park, so both forks of AR in Auburn will be fully functional. After 17 years the SARSAS Mission will finally be achieved.  

In addition to being the Endurance Capitol, Auburn will be the only city on Interstate 80, SF to NYC, where passengers in the over 200 thousand cars which pass Auburn daily will have the opportunity to see Salmon and Steelhead spawn NATURALLY for up to four months each year.

Please attend this meeting, which hopefully will be the last request SARSAS will make of you.

Jack Sanchez 

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